Feature Update Annoucement


Hello Hoot Monitor users.  We have two important updates to announce this month.

Additional Text Lines in Expanded Search Ads

On August 22, Google began supporting two additional lines in expanded text ads.  Campaign managers now have three headlines and two description lines available, and the two description lines max length have been increased from 80 to 90 characters.  Altogether this almost doubles the amount of text we can fit in a search ad.

As of August 31, the Hoot Monitor’s Campaign Builder tool also supports the additional headline and description line.  Updating dealer search ads quickly to take advantage of the larger size will allow your agency to get a competitive edge over other slower-moving agencies.

So break out the thesaurus and start filling up the 130 additional characters we now have available in search ads.

New Filtering Options in Custom Feeds

We have added three new filtering options to custom feeds.  Users can now create filters based on mileage, price, and condition for certified vehicles.  For price and mileage, filters can be set to include low-to-high ranges.  This gives campaign managers the ability to create custom feeds to promote vehicle groupings like ‘used cars under $10,000’.

Note that to addition of the certified condition filter will only apply for feeds that have been configured to flag certified vehicles, which only includes dealer accounts setup prior to August 31.  In your Facebook feeds, you will see these listed as “CPO” in the ‘state_of_vehicle’ column.  Please email support to request the update for the certified condition for any dealer account setup prior to August 31.

Announcing Jumpstart Publisher Portfolio Support

Announcing Jumpstart Publisher Portfolio Support

We are pleased to announce that display feeds are now supported for dynamic campaigns on the Jumpstart publisher portfolio.  Jumpstart, a division of Hearst Publishing, is the exclusive outlet for advertising on premium automotive publishers like Car & Driver and JD Power.

Users can create Jumpstart-formatted inventory feeds within the Custom Feeds tool.  You will see a new feed format option labelled “Jumpstart”.  There are no additional costs to create and use Jumpstart formatted feeds.  But you will need to contact Jumpstart directly to setup a new ad campaign on their portfolio.

Here are some details provided by our friends at Jumpstart, including who to contact for more information. . .

Put Your Inventory In-Front of Car Shoppers

Use Jumpstart Automotive Media’s dynamic ad technology to put your most relevant inventory in front of shoppers who are ready to buy now.

Jumpstart helps dealers:

  • Target and engage in-market shoppers
  • Place VIN-specific ads on related vehicle content pages
  • Move more metal

For more information, contact Aaron Nichols at 415-310-5065 or aaron@jumpstartauto.com