Dynamic Video Ads Have Arrived!

Dynamic Video Ads Have Arrived!

Is your agency ready for the Connected TV revolution?

After nearly a year in development, Hoot Interactive is formally announcing the availability of Dynamic Video ads. Dynamic video ads are a new ad format that allows current dealer inventory to be dynamically inserted into video ads running on Connected TV, video ad networks, and Facebook.

Imagine being able to run a TV ad promoting used vehicle specials that shows photos and prices of the specific vehicles that are on sale. When one of the used specials is sold, another automatically takes its place in the ad. Imagine being able to promote a vehicle that had a price drop yesterday in today’s TV ad. This and much more is now possible with Hoot’s Dynamic Video Ads and Connected TV.


Dynamic Video Ads provide much of the same benefits as the dynamic display ads you’re currently running.

  • Update vehicle selection criteria to quickly change the vehicles you want to promote.
  • Create multiple versions of your dynamic video ads to display vehicles matching in-market shopper audiences.
  • Take advantage of historical inventory data to promote vehicles with recent price drops or vehicles that have been in inventory over a specified number of days.
  • Highlight your new model line-up, showing “Starting at” prices that are always correct.

Format Options

Hoot currently offers two formats for dynamic video ads:

  • Digital Asset Ads
  • Companion Video Ads

Digital Asset Ads
These ads are produced using creative assets available on the dealer’s website or provided by the agency. Voiceover tracks are added to the videos based on scripts you provide or a previously-produced audio file.

The Subaru ad below is one example of the Digital Asset Ad format.

Companion Video Ads
This ad format utilizes a pre-existing video or TV ad provided by the agency or dealership. For agencies that provide video production services, this is a great option to custom produce a video that is tailored for the dynamic elements shown within the ads.

The Autoflex ad below is one example of the Companion Video Ad format.

Distribution Options

Dynamic video ads are supported on most all DSPs and on Facebook. Running the ads via a DSP will give you the ability to reach premier video ad exchanges like SpotX and AppNexus. And these video ad exchanges will allow advertisers to begin extending their TV advertising campaigns to include users accessing programs via Connected TV.

  • Video Ad Exchanges
  • Connected TV
  • Facebook

For those agencies that are unfamiliar with DSPs or do not have an existing relationship with a DSP, Hoot can recommend a few to consider.


All of this can be accomplished at a fraction of the cost of traditional video production. Video templates only require one week to produce, and they can be modified to promote different vehicle types in minutes.

Please contact Matt Perry (Matt@hootinteractive.com) to request details and pricing for Dynamic Video Ads for your dealer clients.

Hoot Interactive Announces New Dynamic Inventory Video Advertising Software





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Hoot Interactive Announces New Dynamic Inventory Video Advertising Software

Serving potential car buyers highly tailored video ads on connected TV and other digital platforms.


AUSTIN TEXAS, OCTOBER 16, 2018 — Hoot Interactive announced today the official release of the DRiV video ad product.  Short for Dynamic Responsive Inventory Video, DRiV extends Hoot’s suite of automotive inventory advertising tools into the world of video advertising and Connected TV.


DRiV is a video ad product that:

  • Updates automatically with current, in stock vehicles.
  • Immediately Responds to inventory changes.
  • Can be tailored to target specific in-market shoppers based on buying intent.


So, in-market SUV shoppers will see ads promoting SUVs, and truck shoppers will see ads promoting trucks, all without the hassle of additional production.


“With the rapid consumer adoption of Connected TV and the new programmatic capabilities that come along with it, extending our platform to support dynamic video ads has become a top priority over the last year” says Hoot’s founder, Miles Olson.  “With DRiV, dealerships can be running TV ads that promote price drops that occurred only hours before the ad aired. That’s powerful, and it’s only the tip of the iceberg of what can be accomplished with dynamic video on Connected TV.”


Hoot Interactive’s software has supported dynamic search and dynamic display advertising campaigns for over 2,000 US dealerships via Hoot’s agency partners.  With the addition of Andrew Park to Hoot’s management team and a partnership with Tom Park Media, Hoot can now provide agency clients the benefits of inventory-specific advertising to a third advertising channel.  “By combining Hoot’s existing inventory integration engine with newly developed video production technology, we’re able to do what was never before possible. We’re able to deliver TV ads that adapt.“ says Andrew.


About Hoot Interactive

Originally founded in 2009, Hoot Interactive is now a leading dynamic advertising platform in the automotive industry used by over 50 digital advertising agencies.  The Hoot Monitor software platform connects dealer inventory with digital advertising campaigns to intelligently deliver the most relevant promotions to potential car buyers based on behavioral or demographic audience identification.