CTV, OTT. . . WTF?

American households are changing the way they consume TV programming. The technology is changing (OTT, Roku, Apple TV). Giant new content providers are emerging (Hulu, Amazon Prime, Sling TV). And most important for advertisers, the way we purchase ad placement is undergoing a dramatic overhaul.

Ignore Connected TV (CTV), and you’re ignoring the growing number of households that are migrating away from traditional TV. You’re going to love the many new features CTV offers. But making sense of the CTV landscape is, at best, confusing.

Watch a panel of CTV experts as they review case studies of successful dealer campaigns and answer your questions about CTV advertising.

This live panel discussion was held on August 20, 2019 at Digital Dealer 27 conference with Miles Olson, CEO of Hoot Interactive, as the moderator. Panelists include Joel Cox, Co-Founder and SVP of Innovation & Strategy at Strategus; Joseph Hirsch, CEO of SpringServe; and Peter Jones, Sr. Director of Strategic Partners, Premion (a division of Tegna).

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New Template – Price Tags

New Template – Price Tags

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