Global Library Support

The Challenge:

There are several circumstances where client libraries do not stay up to date when new vehicles arrive in the market. From our client’s perspective this task can be cumbersome and arduous as their focus is on campaign performance and reporting. This even leads to clients forgetting the task even needs to be done as it is not something that happens on a scheduled, frequent cadence.

Alternatively, we as a company have taken the stance, we want clients to manage their inventory and how it is implemented as we understand clients have different strategies and needs to service their clients.

Our challenge was to find a scalable solution that allowed clients the autonomy they want to manage their own libraries while supporting the task of alerting and passing clients updates to the library when changes have been made.

The Solution:

We approached this solution with the following tasks:

  • General Overhaul of library structure and usability
  • Providing clients, the ability to opt in or out of the update subscription process
  • A means to deliver updates to libraries
  • A notification Process to alert clients when updates have been made
  • A simple way to update search campaigns with just the changes affected with an update

You will now see a newly designed interface that allows a user to quickly edit existing libraries, bulk create or update libraries and to quickly clone existing library to customize as needed. You will also see there is a new field showing the last update for the library. This is important as it will be used as a reference when updating search templates.

Next you will now see the option to “subscribe” a library. This allows users to “opt in” to updates and  to define “where” those update will be pushed. A user can apply this to one or many libraries within their account.

We have created an email alert that will be sent to all client admin users when publications are made to alert hem of the associated changes. The email contains the date of the change and the items added with instruction on next step actions.

Finally, is the update of the campaign templates with the published changes. Now inside a template when editing or creating you can select the option “Use only Products Added Since” and select the appropriate date corresponding to the update we published. This is also an important change for all clients as this allows them to have the ability to self-manage their own libraries then easily update changes they make.

So, What does this look like in Short?

We update our data base, then any library opted in to receive updates is now updated with the changes published.

Any Admin user on the account received an email alerting them that we have made a global library update. The email will contain the date of the publication, the vehicles added to the library this includes all values make, model and trim.

Inside the email the user is instructed to take 1 of 3 actions.

  1. Update Existing Campaign
  2. Update Any Self-Managed library with the effective changes
  3. Ignore the alert and do nothing

Should the client want to make updated inside the pre-build templates with the effected changes they will navigate to the template, select the library and the date of the published changes and apply to the template.

This will allow the user to export a file that contains just the information around the new inventory added and the user can simply upload inside editor and publish the changes in the campaign.

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