Can Only Big Grocers Afford Dynamic Video Ads?

Walgreens (not HootVid)

This dynamic Walgreens ad has been seen running on YouTube promoting current product specials. Cutting edge technology that only big advertisers can afford?

Meijer (not HootVid)

We found this dynamic Meijer CTV ad in a case study talking about how the ad succeeded “to connect Meijer with shoppers and continue driving in-store foot-traffic.”

Highland Park Markets (Yes, HootVid)

This demo ad for Highland Park Markets was created in under 15 minutes using the HootVid Splash! template.  Fast, ease, and affordable for all advertisers.

View Sample Ad

Grocery chains, specialty markets, drugstores, or retailers of any kind can afford dynamic video ads that always highlight their most current specials.  Even better, if the advertiser is already promoting their specials on social media, updated offers can be pulled directly from there!

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New Feature: Source Sheets

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