Advertise the Vehicles Dealers Want to Sell Most

Dynamic video ads give you the ability to promote the SPECIFIC VEHICLES dealers want to sell the most.  That seems like something the GM would like, don’t you think?

Specials Page Ads

Most dealerships maintain a “Specials” page on their website, listing their best deals for the vehicles they want to move fast.  HootVid ads can connect directly to that page.  When the GM updates the specials page with new vehicles, they’re automatically updated in their video ad the next day.

Price-Drop Ads

Nothing indicates eagerness to sell a specific vehicle more than a reduced price.  And there isn’t any better time to promote such vehicles in ads.  You set the parameters, and then let HootVid keep track of which vehicles have hit your minimum price drop. 

Vehicle Category Ads

Are all audiences interested in the same type of vehicles?  Use HootVid to create ad versions showing different categories of vehicles to match the audiences you’re targeting.  Show truck inventory to sports fans, SUVs to families with children, and vehicles under $15K for the 18-24 age group. 


Before you tell your automotive clients about the value of dynamic video ads, make one for them first!  Dealers are twice as likely to buy dynamic ads when one was already created before the pitch, and they can be setup in minutes.  Need some help?  Reach out to your Hoot account manager, and we’ll make sure you have a spec ad ready in time for your sales call.

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