New Feature: Source Sheets

Source Sheets is a new HootVid feature, which allows dynamic content to be stored and managed from within the platform. Much like Google Sheets, HootVid Source Sheets allow users to make direct updates to dynamic content and share access with others who do not have a login to the system.

Source Sheet support documentation
Get a guided tour with this tutorial video

Example Use Case:

A technical college wants to display average salaries after graduation for their degree programs in their CTV ads.

– Average salary for a Dental Hygienist is $76,580.
– Average salary for an Electrician is $51,660.

The HootVid user creates a Source Sheet that contains fields for the job title, average salary, and an image.  The user can then manually enter the correct data for the selected degree programs, as seen in the image below.

The Source Sheet is then assigned to an ad template as would be done with any other type of data source.  Click the image below to see a preview of the ad created with the above Source Sheet.

A few weeks later, the advertiser decides that they want to change which degree programs are highlighted.  The HootVid user updates the Source Sheet with the new jobs data, and as with all dynamic ads, the live campaigns automatically start showing ads with the updated content the next day.  Easy peasy.

The update process can be further streamlined by “sharing” the Source Sheet with the end advertiser or another team member who is in charge of ad updates.  The Share feature allows data source updates to be made by people who do NOT have a login to the HootVid platform.

Reach out to your Hoot account manager if you have questions or would like help using Source Sheets for your ads.

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