But what about next month’s sales event?

Do you know of a furniture retailer that doesn’t have a new sales event every month?  And are you aware how HootVid can quickly and easily deliver sale-specific video ads for such serial campaigns?  The Hoot sales team pitched in to make these ads for a fictional Watson’s Home Store campaign.  We swiped the voiceovers from their real ads.  And now we can show you this great example of using HootVid templates for a multi-phase campaign with fresh new ads for each new sales event.

Sales Event New Fall Arrivals Holiday Sale Event Big New Year’s Day Event

Sample Ad

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Template: Splash!

Stock video of falling leaves was used as a Fall background.

Template: Price Tags

Stock video of winter snow was used as a holiday background.

Template: Abstract Squares

Confetti background already looked great for a New Year’s celebration sale!

Talk with your account manager about the many ways HootVid can support advertisers with creative needs for monthly sales event calendars. 

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New Template – Price Tags

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New Feature: Source Sheets

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