Announcing Jumpstart Publisher Portfolio Support

Announcing Jumpstart Publisher Portfolio Support

We are pleased to announce that display feeds are now supported for dynamic campaigns on the Jumpstart publisher portfolio.  Jumpstart, a division of Hearst Publishing, is the exclusive outlet for advertising on premium automotive publishers like Car & Driver and JD Power.

Users can create Jumpstart-formatted inventory feeds within the Custom Feeds tool.  You will see a new feed format option labelled “Jumpstart”.  There are no additional costs to create and use Jumpstart formatted feeds.  But you will need to contact Jumpstart directly to setup a new ad campaign on their portfolio.

Here are some details provided by our friends at Jumpstart, including who to contact for more information. . .

Put Your Inventory In-Front of Car Shoppers

Use Jumpstart Automotive Media’s dynamic ad technology to put your most relevant inventory in front of shoppers who are ready to buy now.

Jumpstart helps dealers:

  • Target and engage in-market shoppers
  • Place VIN-specific ads on related vehicle content pages
  • Move more metal

For more information, contact Aaron Nichols at 415-310-5065 or