Image Filtering in Dynamic Display Feeds

Image Filtering in Dynamic Display Feeds

We are excited to announce that the Hoot Monitor now provides a method for users to filter inventory feeds based on image type.  All inventory records are now tagged with one of the following image classifications, which can be added as filters in Custom Feeds.


The Challenge

For many DMS platforms, image URLs don’t provide an indication of whether an image is stock, dealer, or a placeholder.  Only a person looking at the image can make the differentiation.  This results in undesirable carousel ads that include placeholder images or repetitive stock photos.



The Solution

The Hoot development team has created a new classification method that employs Machine Learning to interpret vehicle images as people do.  The system has literally “learned” to differentiate a stock photo from a dealer photo by looking at the image itself,not the filename or file location.  Users can review classifications for vehicle records by viewing the default Facebook inventory feeds within the Hoot Monitor interface.

How to Do It

This Image filtering support doc explains how to create custom feeds to filter based on image type. Link