Dynamic Display & Retargeting with Hoot Monitor

Turbocharge your display campaigns on the GDN, Programmatic and Facebook.

Until recently, automotive agencies were forced to work with third-party service providers for the ability to run dynamic display and remarketing ads for their dealership clients.

With Hoot Monitor, agencies can now bring this capability in-house and take control of dynamic campaign management and optimization.


increased margins

less time and effort

advanced features

Increase margins by cutting out third-party service providers.

Shorten the time and effort required to launch dynamic display campaigns.

Take advantage of advanced features that allow you to build campaigns in record time.

The Advantage of Utilizing Dynamic Display and Remarketing Software vs. Using Third-Party Service Providers

With the ability to bring dynamic display and remarketing capabilities in-house, you’ll automatically shorten the time and effort required to launch dynamic display campaigns. No more back and forth, no more waiting on a provider to complete new client setups. You are in 100% control of creating and launching dynamic display and remarketing campaigns for your clients.

Want more? With Hoot Monitor, you can take advantage of advanced features you won’t find with third-party providers, such as custom feed options. This unique feature allows you to create a range of custom feeds, from aging inventory feeds to advertise distressed inventory, to price drop feeds that promote vehicles with recent price reductions. The possibilities are almost endless.

Create Powerful Dynamic Display and Remarketing Ads with Hoot Monitor

The Hoot Monitor simplifies the setup of dynamic display & remarketing campaigns by removing the need for a source inventory data feed.

Instead, inventory data and associated VDP URLs are collected by indexing the dealership’s website in the same way Google has been indexing websites for years.

This website-powered approach provides substantial benefits to dealerships and their digital ad agencies.

  • Rapid integration with AdWords and Facebook can be completed in as little as one day’s time, without the need to wait for a third-party feed provider.
  • Dramatically simplify the setup process by avoiding file transfers, inconsistent data formats, data mapping, and VDP associations.
  • Save money you would have spent on data feed subscription costs from third-party feed providers.

To most agencies, the ability to literally skip multiple steps in the traditional process of setting up dynamic display and remarketing inventory campaigns is priceless. In an industry where time is always of the essence, having the technology and the power to get your clients’ campaigns set up in a matter of minutes, not days or weeks, may absolutely be the advantage your agency depends on.


Quick & Easy Setup: Build Dynamic Display and Remarketing Campaigns in Record Time

The process of setting up your dynamic display and remarketing campaigns could literally not be easier.

You know your clients, and you know their expectations. Have no doubt that Hoot Monitor will not only enable your agency to meet those expectations, but exceed them.

Step 1

Submit a dynamic display feed request for your new dealership client. Expect feed data to be available in the interface in under a day.

Step 2

Quickly and easily insert feed links provided in the Hoot Monitor interface into the scheduled update settings of the dealer’s Facebook product catalogs or Google Ads business data feeds.

Step 3

Tailor your dynamic ad template to include the vehicle information you want to include in your dynamic ads.

Now you’re done.

It doesn’t get much easier than that. Dynamic remarketing feed links are available in your Hoot Monitor account the day after a request is made, allowing your staff to setup and launch dynamic remarketing campaigns in record time.

Enhance Your Dynamic Display and Remarketing Ads with the Power & Flexibility of Custom Feed Subscriptions

Create an unlimited number of filtered or historical custom feeds with Hoot Monitor and advertise exactly what you want. Regardless of whether your client is looking to promote a special on a new line of vehicles or get some aging inventory off their hands, you have the power to create a custom feed that will help them meet their marketing goals.

Custom feed options include:

  • Filtered feeds for condition, year, make, model, and trim
  • Price drop feeds to promote vehicles that have had a recent price reduction
  • Aging inventory feeds to advertise distressed inventory
  • Sold vehicle reports to connect clicks to vehicle sales

Get your Dynamic Display and Remarketing Ads started today with Hoot Monitor.

Ready to talk with Hoot’s dynamic display and remarketing expert? Then schedule a demo now. As soon as you give us the go, we’ll get you set up and ready to launch your dynamic display and remarketing campaigns in record time.

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