Dynamic Facebook Ads with Hoot Monitor

With Hoot, you can take your website’s user experience and put it in your Facebook Ads. That means Hoot will enable you to effortlessly create Dynamic Facebook Ads on a daily basis that accurately represent what you currently have in inventory.





Tell Hoot where to find your inventory and have your feed ready within 24 hours.

Trust Hoot to constantly update your ads based on exactly what you have in inventory.

Get the right ads in front of the right people and instantly see improved metrics.

Create Dynamic Facebook Ads Without the Heavy Lifting

Before Hoot, running dynamic inventory ad campaigns were cumbersome. They required a lot of manual labor, inventory feeds weren’t super reliable, and it was expensive.

Hoot set out to solve this problem. We wanted to make dynamic inventory paid search easier, more reliable and more affordable. We did that, and now we’ve done the same for dynamic inventory display, retargeting, video, and Facebook campaigns.

With the ability to create just about any type of custom inventory or audience filter you can imagine, Hoot intelligently enables you to create the perfect ad with the right inventory for the right audience.

Want to create a Facebook Ad for users who live in a certain zip code and have looked at red trucks in the past 30 days? Easy. You have total control over what inventory is highlighted and how it’s going to be viewed.

Dynamic Facebook Ads: Easy and Accurate for a Seamless User Experience

Setting up your Dynamic Facebook Ad Campaigns is unbelievably easy.  Put in your website URL, tell Hoot where to find your inventory, and your feed is created within 24 hours. After the initial setup is complete, you can create custom feeds based on custom inventory links, and from there, Hoot sends them directly to Facebook.

Moreover, when utilizing Hoot for your Dynamic Facebook Ads, you can be sure the customer is going to get the same experience in the ad as they would on your website. Let’s face it, the worst thing that can happen is that your ad highlights a piece of inventory that takes the user to a No Results Found Page, and with Hoot, that’s not going to happen. Hoot self-monitors and is constantly updating your ads based on exactly what you have in inventory. After a product is sold, you don’t have to go update the ad – it’s automatically updated. Then, if something was to go wrong, everybody gets notified. The user experience is seamless.

Dynamic Ads Equal Improved Facebook Metrics

When you’re putting the right inventory in front of the right people, you’re going to see better metrics. It’s as simple as that. With Hoot, you can expect to see an increase in click-through rate, improved engagement, and a rise in conversions as soon as you put Hoot into action.

Facebook has three major ad objectives. One is awareness, which is reach and frequency. The second is consideration, which is traffic, engagement, video views, messaging, and leads, and the last is conversions – a sale or in-store visit. No matter your objective, you’re going to see enhanced results.

Why Run Dynamic Facebook Ads?

Just like any other digital marketing channel, it’s all about who you can reach and how you can reach them. That’s what makes Facebook an essential part of an inventory marketing strategy. Along with its massive audience size, Facebook knows a lot about us – probably more than it should. This allows for targeting opportunities far beyond what most other platforms can offer.

When it comes to marketing inventory, no matter what type, the more you know about the user, the better the opportunity you have to put the right inventory in front of the right person. This ultimately means, with Facebook’s ability to target users based on location, behavior, and even through retargeting and email match, you’re better equipped to do just that.

Get your Dynamic Facebook Campaigns started today with Hoot Monitor.

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