Dynamic Inventory Search Ads with Hoot Monitor

Hoot’s Inventory Monitor has revolutionized the way we integrate vehicle inventory with search advertising campaigns. We have taken a radical new approach that provides faster implementations, improved accuracy, less maintenance, and lower cost. 

No other integration platform can compare.

Rapid Integration Setup

Vehicle Specific Ads Updated Daily

Improved Accuracy, no Errors

Transparent Inventory Reporting

Save Time and Reduce Costs

Get your dynamic search campaigns running within 15 minutes.

Highlight accurate prices, inventory levels, and more.

Be confident you’re never sending traffic to no-results or 404 pages.

Know the right ads are showing with our status update reports.

Create ads in-house for every vehicle on a dealer’s lot in minutes.

Start Running Dynamic Search Ads in as Little as 15 Minutes with Our Rapid Integration Setup

What was once a time-consuming, labor-intensive process can now be accomplished in as little as 15 minutes.

No more waiting days for access to inventory feeds. No more FTP file transfers to set up. No more complicated configuration. Simply point the Hoot Monitor to the Dealer’s AdWords campaign, and your work is done. Same day setups are now the norm.

The secret to the Hoot Monitor’s astonishing speed to launch is the result of a new approach to determining which vehicle ads should be enabled and which should be paused.

Instead of making a logical comparison between campaign structure and an inventory data feed, the Hoot Monitor bases status decisions on the experience a shopper would have clicking on the ad.

If the ad lands on a SRP showing a successful set of vehicles, the corresponding ad group is enabled. If the ad lands on a ‘no results found’ page or error page, the corresponding ad group is paused.

Effortlessly Run Vehicle-Specific Dynamic Search Ads That Are Updated Daily

Leveraging Google’s Ad Customizers, ads will be updated with correct pricing information daily without the need to repeatedly go through the ad review and approval process.

With the Hoot Monitor, you’re not limited to ads promoting a make/model combination only. Create custom ads for any filter segment that can be built into your final URLs.

Create dynamic ads for 4WD trucks, specific trims, colors, years, etc. Want to create an ad group for a Red 2015 Nissan Frontier SV Crew-Cab with less than 20,000 miles?  The Hoot Monitor will support it with no additional configuration.

Reap the Benefits of Google Dynamic Search Campaigns With Improved Accuracy & Error Prevention

Let’s face it, the data integrity of vehicle inventory feeds is anything but consistent.

The Hoot Monitor’s revolutionary new approach ensures you will never be sending traffic to no-results pages or 404 error pages.

If one of your dealer clients switches website platforms without letting you know, campaign managers will be alerted and ads will automatically be paused until final URLs can be updated for the new site.

It’s Time You Receive Dynamic Search Ad Campaign Updates With Hoot’s Inventory Status Reporting

Do you ever wonder what your inventory integration tool has been doing in dealer campaigns?

We practically obsess over it. Inventory integration software without status update reporting is a little like saying “Just trust us.” And we feel our clients deserve a little more information.

The Hoot Monitor dashboard provides detailed reporting on exactly what ad groups are enabled, what ad groups are paused, and what ad groups have been updated since the last review.

Errors reporting shows any ad that is landing on a 404 error page, giving campaign managers the opportunity to repair broken links. Quick links take you to the landing page for every ad group to ensure that status update decisions are correct.

Build Google Dynamic Search Campaigns in Minutes with Hoot’s Campaign Builder Advantage

One of the most powerful tools in the Hoot Monitor software suite, the Campaign Builder, rapidly builds out campaign structure for new dealer clients by incorporating flexible structural templates with a library of every common make/model/trim combination manufactured in the last 10 years for the US market.

This means you can have campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords, and ad extensions created for every vehicle on a dealer’s lot in a matter of minutes, not days.

In an industry where clients want results yesterday, your agency could have a serious advantage when it comes to closing deals and impressing clients with your speed and accuracy from day one.

Get your Dynamic Search Campaigns started with Hoot Monitor Today!

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