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Dynamic Ad Engine

We Help Turn Your Dynamic Inventory Into a Complete Digital Strategy

We developed the World’s first and only solution to seamlessly turn your inventory into Video, Display, Search, Retargeting, Facebook & Marketplace campaigns.

Dynamic Video

Dynamic Display

Dynamic Search


DRiV (Dynamic Responsive Inventory Video)

Dynamic content updated daily in high-quality 4K format at a fraction of the cost of traditionally-produced TV ads.

With Hoot DRiV, you can effortlessly update your video ads every day to highlight current price and product information while having the unique ability to create multiple versions of your video ads. This allows you to display the vehicles that specifically match in-market shopper audiences.

Want To See What Else Video Can Do?

Never before could you have all your dynamic inventory automatically updated to a new video every day.

Does your inventory marketing strategy show the right products to the right people in the right place at the right time?

Not sure? Well, we’ve created your official guide to creating an inventory marketing strategy that works!

Dynamic Display & Retargeting

Custom dynamic ads across the GDN and programmatic channels

Until recently, automotive agencies were forced to work with third-party service providers for the ability to run dynamic display and remarketing ads for their dealership clients.

With Hoot Monitor, agencies can now bring this capability in-house and take control of dynamic campaign management and optimization.

Target Audience by Product

Unlimited Custom Retargeting 

Easy to Set Up

Take Your Display to the Next Level

Effortless setup. Unlimited Customizations. Incredible Results. 

See what your display and retargeting campaigns have been missing. 

Facebook & Marketplace

Take your inventory to the most data rich platform in the world!

An entity unto itself with a built-in audience, multiple ad types, options, targeting, and rules. If audience size alone isn’t enough to make Facebook an important option for your overall inventory marketing strategy, consider the targeting capabilities. Facebook knows more about us than we know about ourselves, and it remembers everything.

Build Audiences For All Objectives

Dynamic Ads for Multiple Ad Types

Feeds Optimized for Marketplace

Is Facebook Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Let us show you how easy it can be to incorporate Facebook Ads and Marketplace into your inventory marketing strategy. 

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