Custom Dynamic Video Ads

A Revolution for Digital & TV Marketing

Gain a Significant Advantage Over Traditionally Produced Ads

With Hoot DRiV, you can effortlessly update your video ads every day to highlight current price and product information while having the unique ability to create multiple versions of your video ads. This allows you to display the vehicles that specifically match in-market shopper audiences.

Highlight trucks to in-market truck shoppers and SUVs to in-market SUV shoppers with minimal effort.

Accurate prices

Effortless updates

targeted ads

Show accurate vehicle specials, recent price drops, and “Starting at” prices for new model line-ups.

Quickly change the vehicle or vehicles highlighted in your ad in a matter of minutes.

Display specific vehicles that match your in-market shopper audiences.

Discover New Possibilities for Video Advertising with Hoot’s Dynamic Video Ads

Due to the high cost of video production, dealers have always avoided mentioning prices in TV and video ads. Mention the price of a used vehicle, and the ad will need to be reproduced in under a week. But this is no longer an issue with dynamic video ads.

Dealers can not only advertise a used vehicle sale, they can advertise the specific vehicles that are on sale. If the promoted vehicles are sold, they will automatically be removed from the video the next day and replaced with another. Of course, this is also valuable in new vehicle promotions, giving you the ability to show “Starting at” prices for new model line-ups.

The Value & Benefits of Dynamic Video Ads

With Hoot DRiV, you can:

Update vehicle selection criteria to quickly change the vehicles you want to highlight. Your video ad promoting used cars under $10,000 can be updated to promote truck specials in minutes.

Take advantage of historical inventory data to promote vehicles with recent price drops or vehicles that have been in inventory over a specified number of days.

Highlight your new model line-up, showing “Starting at” prices that are always correct.

Create multiple versions of your dynamic video ads to display vehicles matching in-market shopper audiences.  A Ford dealer, for example, could show F-150s to in-market truck shoppers, Explorers to in-market SUV shoppers, and Mustangs to in-market sports car shoppers.

The Beauty of Dynamic Video Creation

Creating dynamic video ads is like having an evergreen ad that updates every day. This allows advertisers to reap all the benefits of dynamic video ads at a fraction of the cost, and effort, of traditional video production.

With Hoot DRiV, video templates only require one week to produce. After that, they can be modified to promote different vehicle types in minutes.

As soon as your video template is ready, you have the power to update that template to highlight product specials, recent price drops, or the lowest priced item matching specific filters. You can also create multiple versions of your dynamic video ads with just a few clicks.

If you’re a Chevrolet dealer, here’s where you’ll create a dynamic video ad for Silverados targeting in-market truck shoppers, Tahoes for in-market SUV shoppers, and Cameros to in-market sports car shoppers.

It’s never been easier for your video ads to reach the right audience – at the right time – with exactly the right message.

The Power of Dynamic Video Content

Creating dynamic video ads with Hoot DRiV isn’t just easy. It’s results-driven. As an advertiser, you already know the power of making your content more relevant to your target audience.

With the rise of over-the-top (OTT) streaming media services, the one-size-fits-all approach of traditional TV advertising is no longer one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. A broad audience with a broad message means you’re likely spending good money that’s not getting great results.

With the technology of Hoot DRiV, and its ability to help you reach in-market shoppers with ads that are relevant, accurate and timely gives you an advantage like never before.

Get your dynamic video ads started today with Hoot Interactive and start running video ads for dealership clients tomorrow.

Don’t wait to schedule a demo with our dynamic video ad expert. From there, we’ll get you set up and ready to launch dynamic video ads for your clients the very next day with absolutely no hassle to you.

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